Quality Made in ABA

Our mission and priority is to make quality products recognised by the international industry.

We take care of been meticulos for every A.B.A. Yacht quality check, which require management by experts of the sector with more than 1000 products quality checks and tests.

With our accurate technical specifics and costructive skills, required by agency of classification and register, we are able to gift to our customers a product of pure italian quality to satisfy any customer needs.


We aspire the Higest technical and functional standards,

without compromise aesthetics and comforts. 

Our Certificates


We are proud to offer our bulkhead passage fire-cut ISO 9001 and A60 type certified, unique in the world, by the classification and register agency,

Lloyd's register and RINA

Our products are also used and installed, on ship, by the principales megayacht industry.

Is our absolute priority to make sure that our products are always tested and certified to offer to our customers an absolute



The RINA tests consist in exposing the product with different dimensions directly to the flames, for a total of 60 minutes, so as to test its effective fire resistance.

Hell-Sea has been tested and has successfully passed fireproof tests, obtaining the A60 certificate in accordance with the fire protection requirements imposed by the MED 2014/90 / EU marine equipment directives and according to FTP directives (IMO Res. MSC307 (88) - (2010 FTP Code) - IMO MSC.1 / Circ. 1488) and the SOLAS standards, including the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2018/773.

The watertight capacities of Hell-Sea were also tested, flooding and pressurizing the entire water room at 2 bar.

The product has proved to be a pond up to 20 meters of immersion.


According to the agreements between the European Community and the United States of America on the certificates of conformity of marine equipment, Hell-Sea has been approved as appropriate in accordance with the American Coast Guard's directives.

This makes Hell-Sea suitable for installation on naval units with the American flag (USA) as long as it complies with the regulations imposed by the Italian Naval Register (RINA)


Hell-Sea has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for compliance with the following standards:


  • ISO 9001: 2015

The purpose of this certificate applies to:


  • Design and production of watertight bridges and bulkhead passages for pipes and firebreak passages A 60 per

        ship pipes

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