HUMPHREE® Stabilization

Designed for 8m (25 feet) boats to large yachts.

HUMPHREE interceptor trim tabs for any semi-planing or planing boats and yachts to control roll and pitch motions as well as the trim and list of the boat.

24DC electric fin stabilizers that can be operated without keeping a gen-set engine running. The system provides full stabilization from zero speed all the way up to full speed.


Easy installation!

HUMPHREE® Interceptors

New X-Series - Interceptor HUMPHREE®
The new X-Series is intended mainly for boats from 25 up to 60 feet.
H-Series - HUMPHREE® Interceptors
Custom shaped it for the hull and fit under water jet
HA-Series - HUMPHREE® Interceptor
Asymmetric placed servo unit.
HE-Series - HUMPHREE® Interceptor
Designed for heavy duty use
HLS-Series - HUMPHREE® Interceptor
Designed and built for the large and heavy planing vessels
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HUMPHREE® Fin stabilizers

All Speed Fin- HUMPHREE®
A HUMPHREE® fin suitable for all speeds with a new unique innovative custom-ready fin design
Stabilizing fin- HUMPHREE®
Cost and power effective stabilising system
Electric Rudder- HUMPHREE®
Effective integration with waterjets
Fixed Fin- HUMPHREE®
Corrective force on yaw with minimum resistance
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