watertight and fireproof passage A60

Hell-Sea is the first bulkhead and deck exhaust fitting watertight-fireproof passage with the lowest thickness in the world!

Hell-Sea was born from the need to adapt to the new safety regulations imposed by the various naval registers.
Developed by our team of experienced engineers, it allows the passage of exhaust pipes at high temperatures through the various rooms of the boat without compromising comfort and design.


Composed of fireproof and waterproof materials, it guarantees high safety. It consists of four metal semi-flanges that compress a fireproof and watertight graphite packing. For this reason Hell-Sea is extremely easy to assemble and in case of need it is also possible to easily dismantle it for possible maintenance on the pipes.


Hell-Sea Passage with Shell Ring



  •  Fire protection A60

  • Watertight 20mt

  • Freedom of movement and thermal expansion of the pipe

  • Complete thermal insulation and tin

  • Complete vibration isolation

  • Easily decomposable and reconstituted in case of maintenance

  • Adaptable to any diameter, customizable on request

  • The only bulkhead and deck passage in the world with a really small thicknesses less than 10cm 



Hell-Sea has been certified and patented 10m watertight and A60 fire rated by the Italian Naval Register RINA
and obtained the certificate in ISO 9001 format from the British Shipping Register Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.
RINA has undertaken the relevant approval procedures for our product, which have been found to comply with the fire protection requirements (SOLAS) of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 2014 / 90EU, including the requirements and testing standards of the regulation.

  • RINA A60

  • US Coast Guard

  • Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Type Approval

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