Mechanics On board

Engine room preparations, Alignments, axis installations with laser and telescope, pumps and valves, rudders, tonnages, gas turbines, stabilisers, Arneson, hydrojets like KaMeWa and DOEN, flap systems,including Humphree.

Engine Room Preparations

  • Hydraulics

  • Electrics

  • Electronics and navigation tools

  • Gray Waters / Black Waters

  • Bilge

  • Seawater intakes

  • Fuel

  • Engine room set ups

  • Exhaust plans

  • Fireproofing

  • Audio video and sound diffusion

  • Plumbing

  • Conditioning

Services Bow - Thruster

  • Disassembly and reassembly

  • Ordinary and special maintenance

  • Replacement of defective elements, gaskets, greasing, etc

  • Tests, checks and verification of operation

  • Overhaul, arrangement or replacement of hydraulic motors with PTO driven pump or independent  electric driven motor

  • Transmission control between hydraulic motor and propeller

Stern Flaps

Humphree stern flaps

  • Disassembly and reassembly

  • Verifications and functional checks

  • Replacement of electric motors

Traditional stern flaps

  • Disassembly and reassembly

  • Verification, control and arrangement of the hydraulic system

  • Check, control and adjustments the pistons

Water Propulsion

Services on Water Propulsion motors

  • Ordinary revisions

  • Special revisions

  • Class revisions

Axle lines and wheelhouses

Services on axle lines and wheelhouses

  • Supply

  • Installation

  • Alignment checks

  • Alignements

  • Borings

Axle lines and wheelhouses for all types of boats, yachts, merchant ships, etc.

Valve Maintenance

Any ordinary or special maintenance check and testing on any type of valve (ball valves, butterfly valves, clapet valves or back-flow valves, control valves, pneumatic valves, semi-automatic valves, automatic valves)

  • Ordinary maintenance

  • Pressing

  • Replacement of packing

  • Body seals' replacement

  • Supply of flange gaskets

  • Mass braid supply

  • Washing with acid

  • Sandblasting

  • Flat grinding

  • Valve seats

  • Rod threadings

  • Cap construction

  • Threaded rod construction

Pump Maintenance

Our staff can intervene at every level on existing pumps and renew them to their full functions

  • Checks and controls on any type of pumps: manual pumps, electric pumps or motorized pumps

  • Ordinary and special maintenance on any type of pumps

Door installation

Movementation and automation of doors, compass doors, hatches. Realization, control, verification and maintenance of every type of movementation system both manual and assisted

  • Doors

  • Compass & Pantograph doors

  • Curved doors

  • Structural doors

  • Stainless steel doors

  • Windows / portholes

  • Hatches

  • Gates

We also offer our experience in custom made modifications for every type of hinge, handling and fixing systems.


Maintenance and optimization of the mechanisms also assisted of any type of anchor windlass or capstan, verification of alignment of the chain axles as well as perform the set-up of the chain registers and chain brakes.

  • Motor maintenance

  • Verification and alignment of chain axes

  • Gear inspection and maintenance

  • Set-up and register of guides

  • Set-up and register of chain brakes


Realization of custom components to modify or reconstruct systems to solve any constructive defects that compromise the perfect functioning of anchor windlasses and tonnages

Stabilizers - Traditional & Gyroscopic

  • Installation of all types of stabilizers for any type of boat, ship or yacht

  • Complete disassembly and assembly

  • Verify, check and testing of hydraulic systems

  • Boring of stabilizer housing and piston restoration

Gas Turbines

  • Study of the exhaust pipes and the cooling system

  • Verification with probe the internal state of the turbine

  • Disassembly and reassembly for check and control

  • Report of the works and interventions performed on the gas turbine

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