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Each yacht is a unique creation with lines and details never the same; therefore often there is a need for products that are not present in the "standard" trade network because they must have unique characteristics. ABA YACHT srl develops custom components, in normal or advanced composite materials, in metallic materials, mirror polished or galvanized stainless steel or in wood. We don't just develop aesthetics but we take care of the kinematics, interaction and integration on board.


Design and construction of polished stainless steel design fittings

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Through the wise use of the most suitable equipment and employing only trained operators in the company, we design and manufacture any object, detail or complement.


Mirror polished stainless steel

Polishing is carried out strictly "by hand" without the aid of automatic industrial techniques in order to give one's creations the warmth and perfection typical of Italian design and quality that can only be achieved in this way.


Electrochemical polishing of metal surfaces.

This process is reliable for improving, in a single step, the functional characteristics of a large number of surfaces.

The industrial uses of this technique include those in the pharmaceutical, paper and food sectors. In the NAVAL SECTOR this procedure is becoming increasingly important because metals treated with electrochemical polishing are extremely more resistant to atmospheric agents, in particular to sea water.

The main application of electrochemical polishing on board concerns the refurbishment of the cauldrons in the engine room and garage of large yachts; often the pots supplied on the new one are in painted aluminum which (regardless of the aesthetic result) deteriorate irreparably over time.

ABA YACHT specializes in the reconstruction of garage and engine room floors with tapered sheet in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel treated with electrochemical polishing.

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