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Design and installation of all types of hydraulic and oil-pressure systems, from hydraulic systems to doors, gangways, windlasses, stairs.


ABA YACHT srl is equipped with a laboratory with test benches equipped with electric control units able to test, overhaul and maintain the full effectiveness of any type of hydraulic piston.

Many years of experience, combined with the quality of its interventions, places ABA YACHT srl among the reference points for this type of activity. Standard components and custom components for hydraulic pistons, as well as fully customized hydraulic pistons.

Hydraulic pistons
Hydraulic and oildynamic system


Complete overhauls of all types of hydraulic and oil-pressure systems.

The experience gained over years of work allows us to analyze and verify the operation of any type of component installed in the customer's hydraulic or oil-pressure systems. The components are tested, maintained or repaired and verified with professional test benches.


We renew the efficiency of your sea housing - we replace damaged parts by rebuilding them to measure.


  • Disassembly, transport and reassembly

  • Check components and replace damaged parts, even made to measure in any material

  • Full operation restored

sea water inlet
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