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The RMC (Remote Motor Control) allows you to maneuver the boat safely and precisely, anywhere on board, using only an intuitive remote control

The ease of wireless docking

Two-way communication, which effectively means "dual-band transmission", is cutting-edge and cutting-edge.

Both the remote control and the vessel act as transmitters and receivers, resulting in "hand shake" communication using a unique digital communication code, not available to any other source and therefore not susceptible to interference. The signal is not subject to interference, fading or distortion. The portable remote control is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can run for over two weeks without recharging. The "low battery" warning comes on when you start using the power reserve.

Remote controller.png

RMC, the new way to navigate

The trend is for increasingly larger ships operated by fewer crew members, using state-of-the-art propulsion systems in combination with bow and stern thrusters. With the RMC you can control all these systems with ease, using just a small portable remote control anywhere on board. You can even replace an absent crew member while mooring in a port or lock.

Shape and design

The unit is designed in the shape of a ship and is made of only the best high-quality materials. No cheap plastic, but a robust but elegantly designed unit that will enhance the image of your vessel. To ensure greater durability, we have made the unit splash-proof!


Ease of use

The RMC is easy to install and can be used in combination with all existing electronic engine control systems. You can contact Boatcontroller to verify that the RMC can be interfaced with your system.

The system is presented as plug-and-play, in fact once the necessary connections have been made to the central unit it will immediately be possible to use the remote control with extreme simplicity.

Additional parts for installation

When PB RMC is necessary

PB RMC.png

Only on proportional bow and stern thrusters. Mostly hydraulic type and not very common on yachts in France.


If you have a Sidepower, proportional system, you need the Sidepower S-Link unit.

When the ZF interface is needed

This interface is used when it is not possible to connect to the control head.

Below are some types of controls where you need to use it.

The installation time of a system on this type of controls is 1 person, 1 day.

When the Volvo interface is needed

Only on boats where this type of controls is present.

The installation will be done on the gearbox, when the controls are in neutral position, you can use the RMC directly.

Installation on the gearbox, also in this case 1 person 1 day.

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