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Made in ABA quality

Our mission and priority is to deliver internationally recognized quality products.
For this, we want to be meticulous for all ABA Yacht quality controls, which involve management by industry experts with more than 1000 quality controls and product tests.
With our accurate technical specifications and our construction skills, required by the registration and classification agencies, we are able to give our customers an Italian quality product to satisfy every need in the nautical field.
We aspire to the highest technical and functional standards,
without compromising comfort and aesthetics.



ABA Yacht Srl has been approved by the Italian naval register (RINA) for compliance with the following standards:


UNI EN ISO 9712: 2012


The purpose of this certificate applies to:


Non-destructive tests through the use of LEVEL 2 certified penetrating liquids, pre-service and in-service testing of equipment, systems and structures

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ABA Yacht Srl has been approved by the English naval register (Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance) for compliance with the following standards:

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

The purpose of this certificate applies to:


Production of watertight passages and fire doors A 60 on deck and bulkhead for  naval high temperature waste pipes

Download the certificate

Download the certificate


The RINA tests consist in exposing different dimension's passage directly to the flames, for a total of 60 minutes in order to test its effective fire resistance.

Hell-Sea has been tested and has successfully passed fireproof tests, obtaining the A60 certificate in accordance with the fire protection requirements imposed by the MED 2014/90 / EU marine equipment directives and according to FTP directives (IMO Res. MSC307 (88) - (2010 FTP Code) - IMO MSC.1 / Circ. 1488) and the SOLAS standards, including the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2018/773.

The watertight capacities of Hell-Sea were tested by flooding and pressurizing the entire water room at 2 bar.

The product has proved to be a pond up to 20 meters of immersion.

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