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Container storage for diving cylinders made in A.B.A

The box is customized on customer request to contain the required number of cylinders and above all to be as ergonomic as possible

Diving bottles container


Diving cylinder container

The ABA cylinder box follows a design and construction process starting from the customer's needs.


Based on the on-board design, a rough project is carried out in order to optimize the number of cylinders required.


The case is studied in detail, both in terms of design and functional.

The upholstery can be customized on request.

The crate can be stationary or mobile on request using wheels or telescopic guides with high load capacity

The ABA cylinder box is designed allowing maximum comfort and enhancing the aesthetics requested by the customer.


The ABA cylinder box allows you to fill it with water to increase safety when refilling the cylinders.


Inside the case we find a 12-28VDC led lighting system, which allows, in addition to the illumination of the case, to more easily identify any leaks in the cylinders.

Diving bottle container lighting
Diving cylinders containers valves

The hydraulic system of the ABA tank box consists of two valves for the recirculation of the inlet / outlet water and a valve, located in the lower part of the tank, for the complete discharge of the water stored in the tank.


The recirculation system allows the box to be pressurized and in perfect safety.

The case is structured to have several layers.


The upper layer made of plexiglass allows you to observe the entire cylinders and together with the housing on the bottom allows the cylinders to always be in a safe position.


The second layer, in addition to allowing the housing, allows the box to introduce the electric line, waterproofing it and allowing the insertion of 12-28 VDC lighting LEDs on the bottom of the box

Diving cylinder container layers
Diving bottles container finishing

The finishes of the ABA cylinder boxes are designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail.


All the materials used for the finishes are water resistant and allow the case to be maintained over the years.


All the parts in polished steel, in addition to having the function of allowing the user to move the case, allow to make the case resistant to shocks thus avoiding any damage to the painting of the case itself.


The finishes can be customized on request, they can be glossy, opaque, shot-peened or satin-finished.

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